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Masters Thesis LJ

Hi guys,

I've started a new lj that I think many of you might find interesting.  I'm a masters student in 3D animation at the Glasgow School of Art, and the blog is the critical component of my master's thesis practical animation project.  I'm going to try and make it a theory-minded work-in-progress review of what I'm doing, literally as I'm doing it.  I'll explain the choices I'm making with the work, why I'm making them, and as much as I can compare and contrast with anything else relevant I get my hands on as part of my research.  Alongside this, I also hope to explore what it means to be an artist criticizing and theorizing, in particular about their own work, and, in a larger sense, what it means to "do" theory with a working knowledge of the creative process itself. 

Right now "official" blog installments are planned for the pre-production, modeling and texturing, animation, post-production, and final, overall review stages.  These entries will be tagged "official."  Extra nuggets of theory and critical discussion that don't go along with these official entries will be tagged "theory."  I would also like this blog to become a resource for the animation community here on livejournal, and so I'm going to also post links to helpful tutorials and similar resources where I come across them, naturally with my nutshell opinions thereof.  These posts will be tagged "technical resources."  As far as my own personal areas of technical expertise go, I'm working with Maya 2009 for the 3D animation, shooting reference and special effects film with a Canon mini-DV camera, doing sound in Pro Tools, working with post-production effects in After Effects and possibly Combustion, and editing the whole shebang together with Avid.

Apologies for joining mainly to self-promote!  I'd love to hear any comments anyone has about the project or in general.

Samantha Close
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