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My turn for a quick introduction: I'm a sixth-year senior at Oregon State University, finally ready to graduate with a double degree in English and History. Planning to apply for either Fall '10 or '11 admissions to graduate school, and currently in the process of assembling my application type things. In fact, I just took the Lit Subject GRE this last Saturday.

My interests run to Victorian Lit, with the ever-so-popular focus on empire, but my specific pet projects run to portrayals of India in Victorian children's literature and then Anglo-Russian relations during and after the Crimean War. I'm taking apart 'Dracula' with a postcolonial rather than a feminist eye, and it's some good good stuff.

I've just discovered a whole string of English-based LJs in a row, so I'm a happy camper right now. Glad to find another community of academics.
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